The Exclusive manufacturer of the Quad-Seal System®

Get professional advice on your vinyl windows and exterior doors from a top manufacturer in the business.

Our company has a solid reputation for quality and craftsmanship. We provide contractors, homeowners, wholesalers and custom builders with a vast selection of windows and doors.

We take pride in manufacturing the best vinyl windows on the market today. We have been manufacturing vinyl windows for years and operate from our 50,000 Sq Ft. production facility, which is located in North York.

We believe that replacing your windows should only be done once. This can only be achieved by starting with a product that is designed, tested and built to perform and last a lifetime. Our employees and distributors take great pride in making and selling our products. Weather Seal Windows Inc. offers the best warranty in the business and will make every effort to ensure your full satisfaction.

Years of experience

Get professional advice on your vinyl windows and exterior doors from a top manufacturer in the business withwell over 20 years of experience. From concept to completion, Weather Seal Windows and Doors® guarantees satisfaction at a reasonable cost. Our company has a solid reputation for quality and craftsmanship.  We provide contractors, wholesalers and custom builders with a vast selection of windows and doors. Because of our extensive experience Weaher Seal® can offer a lifetime transferable waranty on all windows and doors that increases the value of your home.  


Comparison Shopping Checklist

We urge you to compare us to other vinyl windows companies. Find out why many people make Weather Seal® their first choice.

  • Direct dealings with Weather Seal® authorized dealers means you get the best price.
  • Most comprehensive warranty in the industry on parts and glass.
  • Transferable Lifetime warranty.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Energy Star and CSA Qualified windows.
  • Wide selection of colours available.
  • Years of serving customers with integrity and quality products.
  • Weather Seal is a member of the C.W.D.M.A. (Canadian Window & Door Manufacturer Association), EnergyStar High Effeciency and CSA..

Choose Weather Seal for your project not only for the best prices, but also for peace of mind, knowing that your windows are build right.


A LEADER that means business in manufacturing U.P.V.C. vinyl windows and doors

Weather Seal has built an organization that has become a leader in the manufacturing of vinyl windows and doors. Weather Seal is recognized throughout North America for our design excellence, precision, craftsmanship, and state of the art technology. When these factors are combined, you the customer get the best Canadian built, European designed vinyl windows and doors. Custom home builder’s architects and remodelers enjoy working with our wide range of products, multiple accessories, and option choices. Our comprehensive knowledge and in-depth awareness of the window industry enables us to deliver industry leading products.

We design all our vinyl window profiles exclusively for Weather Seal®. Our sophisticated extrusions have solutions for every possible requirement, and functionality demand. Weather Seal's® strong commitment to quality starts with unique European designed structural components, and continues throughout our manufacturing process. As an end result, Weather Sea®l offers the best warranty on window and door products in the business.

Insulated Glass Units (IGU) manufactured by Weather Seal® improves the thermal performance of glazing by providing a thermal break, Low-E enhanced lites of glass, separated by a sealed air space filled with Argon Gas. These key properties enable insulated glass to meet two very different requirements; keeping heat in during the winter months and keeping heat out during the summer months. Weather Seal's® state of the art, automated glass manufacturing production line is designed to provide the highest quality sealed units:

  • Save on heating and cooling by reducing heat transfer.
  • Increase in personal comfort and aid in energy conservation.
  • Reduce sound transmission
  • Increases strength to withstand wind loads  


Technological advancement, quality, and precision are the foundations for all Weather Seal® products. Complete automation and state of the art technology have paved the road for our high precision manufacturing process, that allows Weather Seal® to not only meet demanding performance standards, but to exceed CSA & ENERGY STAR requirements in all three climate zones (1.2.3). Automatic production, complete with sophisticated software ensure precision cutting and fabrication of the frames, sashes and accessories.

LOW-E Glass, Argon Gas, Spacer Technology and Neat® Glass
While purchasing new windows and doors for your house, there are many factors to consider. These include architectural styles, interior options, exterior options, and most importantly, energy performance. Weather Seal® Energy Star® certified windows allow you to maximize your energy savings. Whether it's -40°C or +40°C, you can enjoy year round comfort in your home with Weather Seal's® Low-E glass technology. In winter, Low-E reflects heat back into the room, and in the summer, it reflects the sun's heat and damaging solar rays back out. Additionally, it is the clearest, highest performing glass you can buy, without a haze or a bluish cast.
During cold weather, the insulating effect of your windows has a direct impact on how your rooms feel. Typically, 75% of the exposed surface of window is glass, and the temperature of the room-side of the glass directly affects the air temperature in the room. The better insulated the window glass the warmer your room will be.


Low-E glass - A specially coated glass with high visible light transmission and low emissivity (reduced energy transfer). In summer, Low-E glass allows visible sunlight in while blocking 96% of the sun's infrared heat energy. In winter, Low-E glass also selectively filters out 86% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, which provides protection against the fading of furniture, fabrics and carpeting.
Argon gas - This natural gas is colourless, odourless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and it has a thermal conductivity 30% lower than that of air. Together with Low-E coating, it delivers a 51% improvement in U-Values and a 104% improvement in R-Values, when compared to a typical air-filled insulated glass (without Low-E glass).

Spacer technology - Weather Seal's super spacer meets high structural standards, while achieving low heat conductance throughout the edge of the seal design; improving the overall U-Value and reducing the potential for condensation. The primary seal is a compressed hot melt seal. Desiccants are enclosed within the spacer to absorb moisture and the spacer corners are keyed to be air/gas tight.

Neat Glass®- Low E Glass - Let nature service your windows: Weather Seal introduces Neat® naturally clean glass. It harnesses the sun's UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. Your windows will stay cleaner longer and will clean easier. Homeowners and builders will enjoy the effects that a little sun, rain and Neat® glass brings to windows. Not only that, because Neat® is applied to Cardinal's Low-E coated glazings, homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Clearly, Neat® glass is the choice for your windows.